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5 Niche eCommerce Website Ideas You Can Explore This 2020

1. Wholesale Baby Toiletries

Are you thinking of selling eco-friendly baby toiletries to eco-friendly parents? By using a free
ecommerce website builder in Malaysia, you can start an online venture that offers quality, eco-
friendly baby products. You will earn money, and at the same time help the environment.

2. High-End Fashion Rentals

Not all people can afford high-end clothes and designer products. Online luxury is now a trend!
Give people the opportunity to rent clothes and luxury goods from high-brands like Louis
Vuitton and Gucci. The idea of renting out luxury items may appear odd at first, but there is big
potential in this industry. If you want to jump into this business idea, make sure to implement a
strong social media marketing strategy.

3. Organic Food Delivery

Health conscious individuals are now dominating the world. Make their routines easier for them
by putting up an organic food delivery business. This is an excellent idea for people who already
have experience in the food business. There is a huge market for this, so focusing on organic
grocery is a profitable way to cash in in the long run.

4. Affiliate Marketing

For many people, affiliate marketing is one of the best ecommerce business ideas. When it
comes to choosing the good affiliate products, capitalize on a niche market. From there, you can
gain customer trust, and grow your popularity. Remember, when running an affiliate business,
passion is very important. Don’t think about commissions in the first few months of your
venture. Focus on gaining credibility and content creation.

5. Homemade Pet Treats

We treat our pets as members of our own families. This means that we are spending more and
more for their food, and other needs. Another promising venture you can explore is making
homemade pet treats and other food products. If you yourself have pets, why not try out some
healthy recipes for them, and try selling it online?