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Why There is No Need to Pay Extra for Managed WordPress Hosting for Affiliates

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there. The platform allows one to create websites that not only have amazing designs but also have the functionality that makes them even more impressive than other websites out there.

Now, WordPress has a partner called Bluehost for anyone that wants a robust hosting solution for their websites using the same platform. You might also have heard of managed WordPress hosting as well.

WordPress websites have become the go-to options for affiliate marketing people but in this article, I will talk about why there is no need to pay extra money for managed WordPress Hosting.

Why You’d Want Managed WordPress Hosting

Before citing my reasons why you do not need this service, I think it is best for me to talk about its pros so that you can think for yourself if you need this or not. Below are just some of the benefits of managed WordPress hosting.

  • Speed- with managed wordpress hosting, your website is going to load fast since the hosting servers are primed for those that are created using WordPress’ CMS
  • Security- since you effectively attract a lot of online attention thanks to your content (and affiliate marketing prowess), your website could potentially be a target for hackers and identity thieves. By using managed wordpress hosting, your platform will be protected from cybercriminals and hackers because of constant security updates and patches
  • Regular Backups- If hackers are able to penetrate your web host’s servers, they could potentially delete all of your site’s database as well. With managed wordpress hosting, you need not worry about this since regular site backup is conducted on a daily basis

Downtime Prevention- You should know by now how destructive having a website go down on you just when you have people going to your platform to see your content. When you get this plan, you will get instant updates about your website quickly and easily and on time.

Why There is No Need for Managed WordPress Hostinge

There are some really good benefits to getting managed wordpress hosting, but I am here to tell you the things that would convince you not to get it. Here are just some of them:

  • Plugins- One of the really great things about using WordPress is the ability for the website owner to use and implement certain plugins for added functionality. You can actually install whatever plugins that you want that do basically all of the things that are done in managed wordpress hosting. WordPress plugins have amazing functionality and all you have to do is learn how to use them
  • Control- If you want finer control over your website, then I am afraid that is not possible with this managed service
  • Price- Getting a good hosting provider would require you to pay a recurring monthly fee for the entire duration that your website is up. Adding some more services into the mix could instantly increase the amount of money that you have to pay.