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What is in Store for Us? The Future of Mobile App Development

What is in Store for Us? The Future of Mobile App Development

The Future of Mobile Application Development

In a nutshell, the future of app development is bright as high number of people are looking to hire someone to make an app. With more and more apps having amazing features, we can expect to see more revenues being generated through mobile app development.

In fact, mobile apps, in general, are estimated to generate about $188.9 billion by the year 2020.

That being said, what can we expect in the future of mobile app development? Read on to find out:

1. VR and AR

What is in Store for Us? The Future of Mobile App DevelopmentVirtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence. The technologies, per se, have actually been around for quite some time now, but they have since been slowly implemented in different mobile applications.

For instance, one popular example of an application with AR capabilities is Pokemon Go. It basically uses your phone’s different sensors to help you “catch” some fun and cute Pokemon in the wild.

In fact, it has become a worldwide phenomenon back in 2016, allowing the company to generate a lot of money.

VR is also being implemented in various apps as well. Although not as truly popular compared to AR due to the need for a companion headset, Virtual Reality paves the way for more realistic scenarios. This can be implemented in both games and simulators which provide an almost “true-to-life” experience.

2. Internet of Things

Also commonly known as the IoT, the Internet of Things is also going to be “thing” in the future. With more and more appliances getting the “smart” treatment, expect to see great outcomes in the future.

Once suitable and supported appliances are mainstream, app developers can then focus their attention on creating mobile applications that will unlock the full capabilities of different smart devices.

3. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Even though Artificial Intelligence is really nothing new, there are newer implementations of it that can be handy to implement in future mobile apps.

One such instance would be to implement machine learning. The use of ML provides a “smarter” way of keeping your customers’ satisfaction levels up by giving them what they need based on their app use habits.

In other words, both machine learning and AI can provide a more “personalized” experience to the people who are using an application that have them.

Instant Applications

What is in Store for Us? The Future of Mobile App DevelopmentIntroduced by Google back in 2016, Instant Applications are basically apps that do not require a lot of space and that they are pretty quick to load. The reason why they are pretty efficient is due to the fact that on certain type of application only comes with certain functionalities.

Because of this, expect to see a rise in Instant Apps as they ensure a superb user experience across the board.

Mainstream Cashless Payments

Although cashless payments are also nothing new, there are still some countries that do not wholly support it.

Expect to see more and more countries supporting this feature. Furthermore, we might see the blockchain technology implemented in mobile apps in the near future as well.