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Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy Tuck Recovery 101: From Timelines to Tips

Are you thinking of undergoing a tummy tuck? If yes, then it’s important for every patient to consider what the healing and recovery process would involve.

The recuperation period is different for every person. It can depend on a lot of factors, such as body weight, health and age. It can also depend on the on the kind of tummy tuck procedure you had towards your tummy tuck recovery.

Of course, you want to jump back to your normal routine after surgery, but it’s crucial to give your body adequate time to heal. Your real recovery period starts once you leave the clinic.

Here are other details you should know.

What are the possible side effects?

The first few days after the procedure may be filled with intense pain, so pain medication control is necessary. Swelling will also be present for up to 3 months following the surgery.

When you try to stand up straight, your tummy may feel like it’s being pulled. They may be numbness on this part of your body for many months or years.

Bruises, scars and fluid-filled swelling may appear, but these will go away in time.

Your Healing and Recovery Period Timeline

Give yourself ample time to heal. As much as possible, take a break from your usual routine. Make all the proper arrangements even before your surgery.

What to expect after the surgery?

  • An abdominal binder for around 6 weeks, to support your abdomen and help prevent fluid buildup
  • An anticoagulant and an antibiotic while your drains are in place
  • No strenuous activities for at least 6 weeks
  • You can take a sponge bath 48 hours after the removal of drainage tubes
  • You will be given skin medications
  • Don’t take any medicine with aspirin, unless given by your physician

You should also avoid alcohol if you’re taking pain medication, and avoid any form of nicotine for at least six weeks. Smoking can hinder the healing process and may cause complications.

The recovery period for a mini tummy tuck procedure is usually short, but you still need plenty of rest.

Your plastic surgeon will give you advice on the following:

  • How much rest time you need
  • What food items you can eat
  • How to care for your drain tubes and incisions
  • Follow up consultations
  • What physical activities to avoid for 6 weeks
  • How long you should wear the abdominal pressure garment

As much as possible, someone should be there to take care of you after your surgery.

Home Recovery Guidelines

  • Sleep on an incline days after the procedure
  • Make sure to do a bit of walking after the procedure; movement is important since it will keep the blood flowing
  • Put pillows underneath your knees to reduce pressure on your abdomen
  • Keep your upper body slightly raised with your knees bent at an angle to help reduce swelling

Surely, you will get tired for the next months and weeks so make sure to get a lot sleep. Your physician will help you decide what specific activities are safe to perform, and how long before you can get back to work.

Healing and Recovery Tips

If you want to be as healthy as possible, make sure to follow all of your doctor’s orders.

Rest for around 2 weeks, and don’t push yourself to do anything stressful until you are fully recovered.

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Take a phosphorus supplements
  • Drink ginger tea to relieve nausea
  • Take staphysagria supplements to quicken the healing of your incisions
  • Take probiotic, vitamin C and vitamin A supplements
  • Drink green tea to boost antioxidant levels and immunity
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat lots of papaya and pineapple to lessen inflammation and bloating
  • Use arnica to reduce bruising, swelling and pain

Final reminders?

It might be a long recovery period, but all are manageable and attainable. Just plan out the time frame and everything that comes with the healing process.