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Tipping Guide for Slot Players

Tipping Guide for Slot Players

Gambling 101: Tipping Guide for Slot Players

Several casino employees get a big amount from tips. For those employed in the casino industry such as the 918kiss, this is a big matter. Many players would tip dealers while playing, and making bets for them. Others, however, would give tips after leaving the game.

But, how about for slot machine players? Do you think they are expected to give tips?

Tipping Guide for Slot PlayersWhen do slot machine players tip?

Slot machine players typically give tips once they get a jackpot payment. If the jackpot is more than $1,200, then the attendant will fix the tax forms first, before paying them.

Usually, there are 2 or 3 persons in attendance during the hand pay for security reasons.

How to Tip Attendants

There is no need to tip each and every one separately. It is acceptable to give one individual a bigger bill. Then, tell them to split it. Take note that there is no specific tipping amount after winning a jackpot. Several players would tip around 1% of the jackpot.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that tipping is still a personal choice. The decision to tip someone must depend on how good their services are. One factor that you should consider before handing a top is the amount of time it took to get the payment.

Tipping Guide for Slot PlayersIs the service fast? If yes, then you might feel encouraged to top more. If you waited for a long time, then tip less.

Who is this one employee that all gamblers should tip? It is the beverage server. Several casinos provide free drinks to all their players. However, in some chosen casinos, drinks are not really free for waitresses and waiters. Since tips are part of their salary, many casinos require them to pay taxes on every drink. Always be kind of those people serving drinks to you.