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Event Management


Event management is  a combination of technical and creative skills. Event planning and management
necessary to create and fulfill a wonderful live experience. It is also defined as the development and creation of large scale events through proper application of project management. It studies the brand, point out who the target audience is, develop the concept for the event, plan the logistics, and proper coordination of the technical aspects. Though it may seem simple, planning an event is more than just scouting for a venue, thinking up a good theme, food and drinks, and music and invites. It would require a wide set of skills paired with hard work and experience to ensure a successful event. Event management in the UK has been forecasted to grow to up to £50 billion

What is involved with Event Management?

Planning and creating events, whether for friend’s wedding, an office conference, involves multiple important tasks

Establish the timeline – This is an important element since it determines when and what happens. This includes elaborate time management where you will manage schedules and coordinate the activities of people involved (lights and sounds, preparation of the venue, the catering / food) Selecting venues – Researching for the right venue is probably one of the most important when it comes to planning.
Understand objectives – It is impossible to plan a successful event without a clear objective.

Who is the event for?

The purpose and the kind of experience you want the attendees to experience.

Budget management – Another important aspect where you need to greatly manage funds to create an event within a tight budget. Obtaining suppliers and managing them – Events have a number of suppliers that composes it, and proper management and handling ensures the success of an event. From lights and sounds to catering, you have to coordinate, negotiate the costs, and finalize everything in the contract.

Risk management – The multiple elements comprising an event makes it very complex and has multiple possibilities of failure. Anticipate problems, understand what risks may arise and create a backup plan for everything when managing an event. Think about marketing – Market to your target audience what you are launching thru multiple platforms like social media, email and digital marketing. Consider sustainability – Consider the impact of your event to the environment.

What are the skills required for Event management

A considerable set of skills are important when it comes to event
management to ensure the success of an event.

Organization – This skill is important as you are required to not only organize your own schedules and tasks, but the schedules and tasks of others as well ensuring they deliver at the right time. Eye for detail – Every small detail is important and you need to keep track of everything and ensuring everything is working exactly as it should and everyone knows their roles. Creativity – Includes not only the feel and theme of the event, but also the way you are to solve problems that may surface during an event.

Multitasking – You are required to multitask from booking suppliers to negotiating with the management of a company, sometimes all at the same time. Rehearsing and planning – Plan then rehearse, plan then rehearse and then plan and rehearse some more. People skills – It is important to be able to communicate and relate to a variety of group of people. Be a team player – Teamwork is the backbone of creating an event.

What to expect when working in event management

Planning events are for people who have a flair for making anything happen.

You can expect: Constant change – No two events are the same. Events are unique with their own set of challenges. The industry of event management is also constantly growing and evolving as the expectations for events are getting higher and higher. Fun and glamorous – Expect a fast paced environment that is constantly on the go, where you will get the chance to work in magnificent locations and sometimes with famous people.

Hard work – You will be constantly negotiating, managing people and budgets, while keeping close attention to every small detail. Rewarding – At the end of every event, you will see all the hard work you have put into it and see what a good job you have done.

How to get started planning events?

Just volunteer. It not just brings you the first-hand experience you need; you also gain the credibility you can use to gain future potential customers if they know you’ve worked with a successful event.

Get a degree There are plenty of universities that offer event management as a degree course.

Get training.There are multiple training courses available for event management.