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eCommerce Merchants and Its Types

Types of eCommerce Merchants

These are the administrations and items sold online. This is a rundown of different ecommerce merchants according to what they provide.

Stores that Sell Digital products

The most basic types of advanced items incorporate online courses, designs, programming, eBooks and other virtual products. Traders that provide these digital products include Slack, Shutterstock and Udemy.

Stores that Sell Physical Goods

These stores are considered as regular online retailers. They are composed of homeware organizations, attire stores, blessing shops and more.4

Service-Based E-Tailers

Administrations can also be sold and purchased online. Teachers, and online professionals and specialists also take part in ecommerce. Some of them would enable people to purchase straightaway from their stage, while others would expect purchasers to connect with them first.

Ordering eCommerce as determined by the gatherings included

These are the gatherings taking part in the exchange. If you are not yet familiar with these exchanges, feel free to communicate with your ecommerce solution provider.

    Business to government (B2G)
    Consumer to government (G2C)
    Business to consumer (B2C)
    Business to business (B2B)
    Consumer to business (C2B)
    Consumer to consumer (C2C)
    Government to business (G2B)