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Domain Name to Your Blog

Web hosting companies in Malaysia

When starting your blog you should choose what the domain name (URL) will be and where you will host your site. With regards to getting your domain name and hosting account there are a few options, the primary contrast being whether you are going with a free or paid domain and hosting plan. 

Drawbacks of a Free Domain and Hosting 

Absence of Monetization 

At last, another key disservice is that many free blogging stages don’t enable you to have a site for business purposes, so if your expectation is to make cash with your blog, at that point you’ll need to maintain a strategic distance from them. Likewise, as referenced above, regardless of whether they allowed you to have a site for business purposes, how might it look to your forthcoming prospects and clients if you couldn’t bear the cost of your own area and hosting account.

Absence of Control 

Another disadvantage to having a free space name on a free facilitating stage is that you don’t have complete power over the site. As a rule, these stages will put ads on your site which you have no power over.

There isn’t much adaptability and opportunity with regards to altering your site or having the option to utilize outsider instruments and administrations to upgrade the usefulness of your site. 

Absence of Branding 

Having a domain like this detracts from the marking and character of your site since you are including the name of the free hosting platform in your domain name. For some, this can search terrible for the companies, all things considered, what sort of genuine business can’t manage the cost of the insignificant cost of buying its very own domain name and hosting