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Bizzare Backyard Chicken

You might have seen a typical chicken at least once in your life, and do you even know that there are a few types of chicken? Some of it is bizarre which will make you think if it is actually a chicken or something else. In this article, we are going to tell you about a few bizarre chicken types that surely make your eyes big. These chickens (hens) are among the foremost treasure for those who are passionate about backyard hens. All of the hen can live in the same coops, and this is not a problem as long as the caretakers keep an eye on them.

By now you might be wondering about these hens. Where can I buy those cute little chicks to start having hens in my own backyard? Worry no more since most local farms have started to sell chicks hatched from eggs by organic chicken. While you are taking care of the chicks until they grow, you have to take note that hens don’t start producing eggs unless 20 to 24 weeks old. If you don’t want to attend that long, consider getting a hen that’s 15 to 22 weeks old. Once the hen gets familiar with the surroundings, it will start to lay eggs!

Below are the types of rare or uncommon hen that only hen enthusiasts can lay their hands upon. These types of chicken are hard to find even for the eggs, because they are not casually sold by those who own them.

Araucana Hen

Araucana has distinct “tufts” at the cheeks and it also has no tail. Its feathers are also widely available in all sorts of colors: black, white, buff, silver, golden duckwing, and more. This hen is also fueled with energy that some owners find amusing while others may think of it as tiresome to handle. This will lay roughly 150 eggs per annual which is a bit less compared to other types of hen.

Australorp Hen

This charming hen boasts soft, shiny black plumage with tinges of green and purple. This species is mostly called gentle by farmers who owned it and did not care much about small space, making them a suitable breed for first timers and for smaller coops. This hen can produce up to 300 eggs per year, making it one of the prizes for the farmers to own them.

Silkie Hen

This type of hen is not a target for farmers that want to boost egg production since it does not lay much. However to those farmers that want to make their coop more prestigious, this hen has a look so majestic it can awe you. Even though this type is smaller than the other breeds, these charmers have elaborate plumage and are available in a lot of colors. A well-liked breed for beginners, Silkies are known for a demeanor as charming as they’re attractive. This henis categorized as a decorative breed, many lay fewer than 100 brown eggs a year.