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8 Tips to Help You Name Your Mobile App

Congrats on building up your first mobile application. The following stage is to elevate the equivalent to tell individuals that it exists.
However, before going into advertising and the advancement of your application, you initially need to consider giving it a proper name. So how would you name your mobile application?
Naming your mobile application requires a lot of thought. Not exclusively should the name be firmly associated with the application’s capacities, yet it ought to likewise be something clients can in a split second distinguish the application with. Mobile app development is an intricate process, and naming is just one of the parts that make up the whole of the process. Here are 8 hints to assist you with naming your mobile application.

Application Relevance and Ease of Pronunciation

Your application name ought to identify with its capacities. Pick a name that most intently depicts the application. Additionally, make it simple for clients to recollect and articulate. This will build your application’s odds in the commercial center.

Check If Name Is Present

Check if there is as of now an application by the equivalent or a comparative name in any of the application stores, before presenting the equivalent to an application store. Take care not to have too comparable a name for your very own application, as it might keep running into copyright issues sometime in the not too distant future. It will likewise make a pointless challenge for your application.

Application Name for Marketplace Ranking

Your application name needs to extraordinarily relate to the application’s capacities. The name of your mobile application and the rundown of watchwords that you submit alongside it are most indispensable to its accomplishment in the commercial center.

Each character in your 100-character watchword posting checks. Thus, make a point to advance each one of those characters to the most ideal degree. Separate every catchphrase with a comma and incorporate plurals and equivalent words wherever they apply.

Likewise, incorporate the expressions “free”, “light” or “modest” wherever appropriate. This will drive extra traffic to your application.

The SEO Factor

A smart SEO methodology would keep your application ahead in the positioning. Website design enhancement, which is short for Search Engine Optimization, is an approach to let top web indexes, for example, Google “discover” you effectively and show you among their most punctual list items. Make sure to utilize catchphrases that are most sought by clients. Use Google Adwords or comparable catchphrase scan instrument for this reason.

Likewise, utilize the most extreme watchwords in your application portrayal. This will build your inquiry positioning with Google.

Application URL Naming for SEO

Your application URL is likewise a vital part of SEO. Obviously, the name of your application will be utilized as the URL filename as a matter of course. Keep in mind not to utilize unimportant or unique characters in your application name, as this may finish up causing a blunder in URL age.

Organizing App Description

Organizing the application portrayal is one more viewpoint you have to investigate, before presenting your application. This depiction will be appeared both on the application store you present the application to and on your application page.

Ensure that your application portrayal does not surpass the greatest character limit. Additionally, make sure to put in the most vital purposes of your application in that depiction.

Sorting Your App

Sorting your mobile application is about as vital as giving it a proper name. This aids in general application advertising with the goal that you can improve the general reach of your application. Pick a classification that has the least challenge and furthermore a sufficiently conventional catchphrase positioning.

MobClix is one extremely successful device to give you a chance to measure the current challenge between the few classifications in the application commercial center. In any event, it gives you a chance to get a smart thought of the best classes you can put your application in.

Test Your App Name

In the event that conceivable, test your application name among a shut gathering of confided in individuals, before really presenting your application. input from this gathering will enable you to evaluate the viability of your mobile application.


Naming your mobile application can impact the achievement of your application in the application commercial center. Obviously, the nature of your application is the thing that at last issues to the end-client.

Be that as it may, so as to achieve more clients, you have to ensure you name your mobile application right. Pursue the above tips and make that additional stride in prevailing with your mobile application.