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8 Podcasts for SEO’s for beginners’ ears.

Learning Something

Learning has never been more convenient because of the internet. Everything you need to learn something can be found online. Podcasts are an excellent way of learning something if you are short on time.

Below is a list of podcasts that can help you learn more about SEO that we have found based on the SEO Campaign recently.

  1. Search Engine Nerds

The Search Engine Nerds interviews every other week an industry or leading expert on digital marketing and SEO techniques. The podcast approaches the interview with an in-depth journalistic style, and at the same time pitches in their own expertise and experiences keeping the interview interactive and alive.

    Authority Hacker Podcast

Created by Mike Webster and Gael Breton to discuss topics like marketing, content marketing and SEO. The style is an informative casual chat with the guest aiming to answer questions about the topics.

  1. The Digital Analytics Power Hour

Hosted by Moe Kiss, Tim Wilson and Michael Helbling, they address the current trends, challenges and questions in analytics. They air every other week for 40 minutes, with an occas

ional guest offering engaging conversations as they tackle issues and provide some insight on the topic.

  1. Edge of the Web Radio SEO Podcast

Hosted by the humorous Erin Sparks, he tackles industry trends, concepts, digital marketing tactics, SEO and internet marketing with his guests.

  1. SEO Podcast: The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

With topics focused on SEO, this fast paced podcast hosted by Chris Burres and Matt Bertram tackle questions of listeners from their Twitter Stream, trending news and daily tips aiming to shed light on the topic of SEO.

  1. SEO 101 on

Aiming to inform listeners about the basics of SEO and how to improve, John Carcutt and Ross Dunn host the show and discuss algorithm changes and trends providing practical advice on how to implement SEO best practices and how to leverage on it.

  1. MozPod

Focused on asking the questions that we think are too dumb or simple to ask but really need to know, Brian Childs created this podcast to provide listeners with information that’s easy to digest while you are on the go. Interviewing experts on the fields of SEO and marketing, Childs aim to provide the hottest information his listeners can get.

  1. Marketing Speak

Hosted by renowned IM and SEO expert Stephen Spencer, Marketing Speak shares SEO tips and advice to his listeners from other field experts like specialists, thought leaders, tool providers, speakers and authors. He also provides a chance for listeners to submit their questions so they can tackle them during the interview.