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5 Men’s Beauty Tips You Need to Know but Are Embarrassed to Ask For

A lot of men shy away from asking people for advice when it comes to becoming beautiful. I mean, ‘beautiful’ is a word most often associated with women, right? But, beauty is actually a relative term and men, as well as women, want to look their best at all times.
So today, I am going to give you some beauty tips that you should know about but are embarrassed to ask for.

Get a Better Shave

Your choice of shave and shaving cream can adversely affect your appearance as one of the main element to last longer in bed. If you use too abrasive shaves, then that could damage the skin. That is why I recommend that you buy a good shave with some positive reviews online so that you will ensure that you won’t damage your skin in the process of shaving.

Also, you want to get a good shaving cream to go with it as well. Most shaving creams contain carcinogenic agents such as DEA and TEA. You would want to opt for more natural ingredients than commercial ones.

Diet and Water Are Important

The secret to a more youthful glow is actually eating the right kinds of foods. For instance, cutting back on meat and dairy products can help delay the aging process of your skin. Aside from cutting back on meat, you also want to opt for grass-fed options as well since they are so much better and they do not contain any added preservatives.

You also want to skip that coffee as well. This can be hard for a lot of men considering that coffee is what makes them going. However, drinking too much caffeinated beverages can lead to dehydration, which can affect your appearance and may lead to a host of other problems as well.

So, what should you eat? Particularly, you want to focus on eating more fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, skip the fatty and fried foods and make sure that you drink plenty of water as well.

Under-the-Eye Treatment

If you’ve been stressed lately, you might find that your eye bags are, well, blown out of proportion. This is evident by that bulging, somewhat brownish-black appearance. Well, in scientific terms, this usually happens when there is abnormal fluid retention around the area.

To combat this, you want to eat some celery. Celery can act as a mild diuretic which flushes out excess fluid from the area and it also acts as a stress reliever as well.

Eat Some Carotenoids

According to Kimberly Snyder, author of the book, “The Beauty Detox Solution”, she said that you should eat foods that contain high amounts of carotenoids such as carrots, oranges, cantaloupe, tomatoes, pumpkins, and dark leafy vegetables.
Carotenoids can improve your skin tone, making them appear livelier and healthier.
Opt for More Natural Ingredients
If you are going to buy beauty products, buy ones that use natural ingredients. This ensures that you’re going to use one that doesn’t hurt your skin.