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5 Huge Mistakes Newbie Affiliate Marketers Make

1.Not comparing products

One of the best techniques you can implement in your content strategy is to compare similar affiliate products and services. Compare your main product with other similar items. When an individual is in “purchasing mode” for a specific physical product, he or she would have the options narrowed down to around 3. Her him or her decide what is the best one. Comparison pages are very helpful and popular for consumers.

2.Not focusing on a niche

Lack of focus is perhaps an affiliate marketer’s biggest downfall. This can cause huge issues even for experienced marketers. If something shiny suddenly comes in your inbox, ignore it. Never chase it, most especially if it is far from your niche market. Don’t let it distract you from your current campaigns.

3.Selling instead of helping

Believe it or not, the job of an affiliate marketer is not to sell. The primary task is to help people. Your job is to use sales pages and affiliate links to lead the readers to the best solutions to their problems. Help your website visitors know why they must have the product. Don’t just think of commissions.

4.Joining tons of affiliate programs

This is a common mistake many beginners make when they are just starting out. Starting an affiliate marketing business in Malaysia can be overwhelming, so keeping your focus is important. Don’t join every affiliate program you come across online. While it’s fine to cultivate multiple income streams, don’t overload yourself.

5.Failure to track affiliate performance

If you make a sale, you would want to know where it came from. The information would enable you to know which web pages are converting well, so you can scale and grow that campaign. Making a commission is awesome, but knowing how you made that will make you an even better affiliate marketer.